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Weather Meters chamber helps user to identify the deterioration of a material or products under different weathering condition.

With advanced technology that can stimulate sun light, wind, rain, temperature and humidity in an enclosed environment (chamber), user can simulate all those conditions on their test specimens. They can then correlate those test to that of the actual weather conditions.

This weather meter is widely used by makers of long lasting outdoor products such as automotive, street light, coating, fabrics, cosmetics, plastics, metaling and building material manufacturer.

SUGA is one of the leading weathering meter manufacturer that offers a broad range of products that meet global testing standard and advanced acceleration. They designed their chambers to recreate indoor and outdoor environments such as sunlight, temperature, humidity, and rainfall with reliable test results.

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Key Features

  • Conformity to popular international testing standard suck as ISO, IEC, JIS, ASTM, SAE and JASO.
  • Equipped with user friendly control panel for easy and convenient operation.
  • High reliability of testing results.
  • Reproducibility in performance.
  • Varity of size selections from table top to compact size and to large size that fits full-scale products.
  • Variety selections of light source such as Xenon Arc lamp, Fluorescent lamp and Carbon arc lamp.

Xenon Weather Meters

Sunshine Weather Meters

Metaling Weather Meters

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