SUGA Test Instrument


SUGA is a world well-known test instrument manufacturer established in 1920. They specialized in manufacturing weather meters, corrosion test instruments and optical measuring instruments.

SUGA Weather Meters chamber helps user to identify the deterioration of a material or products under different weathering condition. With advanced technology that can stimulate sun light, wind, rain, temperature and humidity in an enclosed environment (chamber), user can stimulate all those conditions on their test specimens. They can then correlate those test to that of the actual weather conditions. In addition, weather meter is an accelerated test. This weather meter is widely used by makers of long lasting outdoor products such as automotive manufacturer, street light manufacturer, coating manufacturer, metaling manufacturer and building material manufacturer.

SUGA Corrosion Test Instruments provide performance indicators on how specimen would react in the corrosive environment. It is salt spray test machine that provide a low cost effective and efficient solution to evaluate the resistance to corrosion for coatings, paints and small metal objects including mechanical parts.

SUGA Optical Measuring Instruments helps to determine the optical property with numerical data of color and texture. This instrument helps to determine the optical accuracy by producing resolution test chart and optical image test solution. SUGA Optical Measuring Instruments are widely applied in the industry that sensitive to optical test such as plastic transparency, electronic, paint, ink, textile, garment, printing, dyeing, medical, cosmetic and optical research or testing laboratory.

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Key Features

  • Conformity to popular international testing standard suck as ISO, IEC, JIS, ASTM, SAE and JASO.
  • Equipped with user friendly control panel for easy and convenient operation.
  • High reliability of testing results.
  • Reproducibility in performance.

SUGA Weather Meters

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SUGA Corrosion Test Instruments

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SUGA Optical Measuring Instruments

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