Salt Spray Test Machine​



Salt spray test provide performance indicators on how specimen would react in the toughest
environments on earth.

Salt spray test provide performance indicators on how specimen would react in the toughest

environments on earth.This test getting essential for quality assurance, especially in manufacturing of Automotive, Aerospace, coating, metal engineering and other related industries which sensitive to corrosion resistance.

Placement of specimen in salt spray test machine could be a low cost effective and efficient way to evaluate the resistance to corrosion for coatings, paints and small metal objects including mechanical parts. Hence, the demand of the machine is boosting up.

The usual industry standard for testing is between 240 to 1000 hours inside the chamber, with international common test standard requirement of ASTM B1117, ISO 9227, DIN 50 021, JIS Z 2371.

The essential keys in choosing right salt spray test machine would be the capacity of chambers, display of user’s control panel, temperature, humidity, spray mist volume, the material of chamber’s body, and international testing standard that the machine can comply.

Choosing the right machine could be cumbersome, talk to us and let or expertise assist you.


sole distributor

We are the sole distributor of Ascott, who is the specialist maker of corrosive test chamber or cabinets in UK.


Worry about the compliance of international testing standard? Ascott knows well what you are going through and hence they supply to comply with popular testing standard, such as ASTM B1117, ISO 9227, DIN 50 021, JIS Z 2371 and much more that you can’t think of.


They have various capacity to attend your testing needs with simple to use user interface and display.


Their chambers manufactured with non-corroding materials to guarantee a trouble free in long life.


If you are finding ways getting out from rigid standard equipment, Ascott is your right selection. They offer various optional accessory to fit your industry needs.


Here we can guarantee your good sleep, CLMO Technology provide a strong team with reliable knowledge and experience to assist you promptly as they are trained professionally by Ascott.

Salt Spray Chamber

Designed for continuous corrosion test & come with Standards and Premium range.

Ascott Salt Spray chambers support conventional testing with additional features, they are offered in two model range: Standards and Premium range. Standard range support basic and continuous salt spray test under single user-adjustable temperature. This chamber suits with user who only needs a conventional salt spray with adjustable temperature. Premium range support conventional salt spray test combined with other climate such as humidity and drying mode. This chamber suits with user who needs a conventional salt spray, adjustable temperature and humidity.

CCT Chamber

Designed to be flexible

Ascott CCT Chambers are designed to be flexible to comply with as many different climates as possible such as salt spray, condensation humidity, air drying and controlled humidity. This chamber fits the user who need more complex combination of climates.

Alpha +

Affordable equipment

Alpha + could be your right choice if you are looking for high quality budgetary salt spray testing machine, which simple to operate and install. It complies both short-term and long-term test based on industry needs with temperature and humidity settings.

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