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Manufacturing process involves heat treatment like preheating, sterilizing, curing, baking, drying and annealing; you definitely have a need for an industrial oven.

If you are looking for an industrial oven, here are some tips that we can share which could aid in selecting oven.

First, decide on the temperature that fits your application. Once you decided, it is very important to check the heat source of the oven. A reliable industrial oven should be able to carry out heating continuously and extensively over a long period that may last days, weeks or months.

Next is the temperature uniformity of the oven, which will be affected by the air flow (convection or circulation type) method of oven. Always choose the oven that can guarantee minimum fluctuation.

Last but not least, you should also know the capacity of the oven. The oven size can be as small as table top, and up to a room size!

Choosing the right oven that is reliable, high uniformity as well as precise temperature control is a must to determine the quality and reliability of your product. Espec Corp has a wide range of industrial ovens that can cater to various industrial needs.

Need more advise on the range of our industrial oven, talk to us and we will be more than happy to assist you


User friendly standard instrumentation of control panel.

User friendly M-Instrumentation features programs with up to 20 steps

Optional functions like air flow adjuster, automatic damper, integrating hour meter and

Wide selection of temperature range based on user’s demand

Stainless steel construction for durability and easy cleaning

Wide selection of options such as additional data recorder, additional cable port, automatic damper, shelf type and etc that provide ability to customize based on industry needs

Temperature Chamber (Industrial Ovens)

Conventional industrial oven that can heat up to 300 degree Celsius

Offer in vertical or horizontal type that fit different customer’s space requirement.

Select from standard instrumentation with 2 steps programming, or M-instrumentation that allows programmed up to 20 steps.

Ultra-High Temperature Chamber

Conventional industrial oven that can heat up to 500 or 700 degree Celsius.

Temperature Chamber with Explosion Vent

Suitable for testing of flammable synthetic resins or volatile solvents.

Anaerobic Temperature Chamber

Espec has these solutions to minimize the oxygen of chamber:

hermetically sealed to decrease oxygen inside the chamber
equipped with non-oxidizing gas intake structure such as CO2 or N2 injector
O2 concentration indicator controller to monitor the O2 in chamber (optional)

Heat up to 300 degree Celsius o
Suitable for testing that requiring low oxygen concentration atmosphere.

Temperature Chamber with Rotating Specimen Rack

Conventional industrial oven that can heat up to 300 degree Celsius that equipped with rotating specimen rack.

Designed for test or production process that require accelerated heat deterioration tests on rubber, plastics, polyethylene and vinyl.

The rack can be removed o be used as ordinary oven.

Large volume Temperature Chamber

Can heat up to 300 degree Celsius.

Designed for large capacity with interiors dimension up to 1800 x 1500 x 1500 (W x H x D mm).

Clean Oven

Can heat up to 300 degree Celsius.

Design to achieve class 5 cleanliness by employing a HEPA flter and back to front laminar circulation system.

Desk-top Type High Temp Chamber

Can heat up to 300 degree Celsius.

Designed for low capacity user with bench top size oven.

Vacuum Oven

Can heat up to 300 degree Celsius.

Designed for vacuum heat treatment process.

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