Fully Equipped Laboratory

CLMO Technology Sdn Bhd. has a fully equipped laboratory with 4 units of IC systems and 2-units of on-line SPE-HPLC system laboratory located in Seri Kembangan, Selangor, where we could offer a better technical and application support to the industries, with the help in the advance Chromatography Data System, it help in method development, as well as Method Validation, thus we are also working towards ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation for our Analytical Laboratory

Dionex IC & RFIC systems
Ultimate 3000 On-line SPE-UHPLC systems

Channel Partner for Thermo Scientific Dionex

CLMO Technology Sdn. Bhd. has been the Channel Partner for Thermo Scientific Dionex since 2003, and with a group of experience engineers and chemists, we are in the position to provide

  • Training for IC and HPLC, principle , operation & maintenance of chromatography system.
  • A application solution to the industries and government institution, which based on the requirement and need in the analysis.
  • Equipment access for Research & Development.
  • Hand-on training for Method Validation by using Chromeleon CDS.

Most of all, CLMO Technology Sdn. Bhd. is working with a group of senior consultant in providing the solution to the industries, hopefully this services will help the industries in increasing the confidence and competency in their analytical analysis.


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