Buehler was founded 1936 by Adolph I. Buehler, a Swiss immigrant who saw a need for metallographic sample preparation equipment and optical inspection instruments for the steel and automotive industries in the USA. Starting with a product line consisting of optical inspection instruments, a mounting press and a polisher, today Buehler is now well established as the world’s leading supplier of materials preparation and analysis instruments, equipment, consumable supplies and application solutions. Buehler merged with Wilson Hardness in 2011 to offer a complete line of material preparation and analysis equipment.
Buehler products and analysis methods are applied in Quality, Research & Development, and University laboratories and across numerous industries, including Aerospace & Defence, Automotive, Electronics, Energy, Medical and Primary Metals. As a leading provider of scientific equipment and supplies, Buehler strives to deliver solutions our customers will value.
Buehler is Part of ITW’s Test & Measurement segment. ITW (Illinois Tool Works) is a Fortune 200 global diversified industrial manufacture of value-added consumables, equipment, and related service businesses.


Today Buehler products can be listed under the following categories:


A full range of abrasive & precision cutting machines and sectioning saw equipment for metallography testing. Specimen preparation for microstructural examination starts with a quality cut. The proper equipment with firm and stable vising minimizes the depth of deformation on the sample surface. The abrasive and precision saws save time by limiting the number of steps needed to analyze samples after sectioning. Find the right abrasive cutter, precision cutter or sectioning consumables product for your material testing application below.

Precision Cutters
Precision Cutters
Accessoriers & Consumables


Buehler offers the fastest compression mounting press, vacuum systems & mounting media consumables that include compression mounting compounds, acrylic systems, epoxy systems, release agents & mounting accessories. Mounting your specimen is important for ease of handing and preservation of the sample edge. When deciding on which mounting technique to use, consider the size and geometry of your part, the part’s susceptibility to heat and pressure, and the desired throughput.

Compression Mounting
Castable Vaccuum Mounting
Accessories & Consumables

Grinding & Polishing

Automated and manual grinder and polisher machines with consumables. The Choice of Grinding and Polishing consumables is a key factor that impacts the preparation process. Buehler’s consumables are designed to improve efficiency and ensure repeatability with process. With a wide variety of products, there is a Buehler consumable that can improve your materials preparation process.

Grinder Polishers
Planar Grinders
Vibratory Polisher

Image Analysis

Buehler’s line of metallurgical microscopes include stereo microscopes, inverted microscopes and upright microscopes for metallographic sample testing. Our OmniMet™ image analysis software delivers powerful image analysis possibilities combined with flexible database functionality.

Stereo Microscope
Inverted Microscope
Accessories & Consumables
Omnimet Software

Hardness Testing

Wilson® hardness testers include a comprehensive range of hardness testers from Rockwell®, Knoop/Vickers, and Brinell to fully automatic production systems. Our hardness testers are complemented by a range of ISO test blocks, accessories, and fixtures. Our calibration laboratory is recognized as the global leader in the production of premium ISO test blocks and indenters.

Buehler’s hardness equipment, reference blocks and calibration services help customers meet Nadcap Accreditation and Audit.

Stereo Microscope
Inverted Microscope
Accessories & Consumables

Consumables For Material Preparation Testing and Analysis.

A full range of metallographic consumable products for material preparation and analysis including abrasive and precision saws, blades, and vices for cutting any material.


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