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Hardness testing provides critical information and insight into a material’s durability, strength, flexibility and capabilities. It is a commonly used test method in many industries to verify heat treatment, structural integrity and quality of components.

Hardness testing ensures the materials utilized in components we use every day contribute to a well engineered, efficient and safe world.

Calibrated test blocks are an integral part of hardness testing. They ensure accuracy, integrity and traceability of hardness testing processes. They are used to verify instruments performance and

provide a means for performing indirect instrument calibrations.


Ease of use

Focus on a fast and simple operation to satisfy the needs of novice operators, while maintaining the flexibility and complexity of features required by expert users with DiaMet operation software.

Leading GR&R Performance

A flexible and user friendly LCD control panel for method set up and configuration

Automatic Load Selection

Designed for Vickers and Knoop testing to conform to international standards ISO 6507, ISO 4545 and ASTM E384


Ease of use

Powerful auto-braking system on preload ensures a seamless operation.
One button start – tester controls load application speed and dwell times.

High precision depth measurement system for accurate and repeatable testing.

Auto preload brake and automated main load test cycle ensure repeatability.

Best in Class Optics

This high quality optical system, with proprietary components, provides an unparalleled image


  • Metals
  • Sintered Carbide
  • Composites: Metal Matrix, Polymer Matrix and Ceramic Matrix
  • Plastics and Polymers
  • Thermally Spray Coated Specimens

Diamet Hardness Software

Navigation within the DiaMet™ Software is made easy by its clean design and is supported by simple and intuitive gestures. Virtual tabs on top of the screen let you navigate between to Home, Program, Testing and Reporting. Comprehensive feedback is shown on the status bar, which make interactions clear and efficient. Being designed for touch panel use, with an entirely new look and feel, DiaMet is simple, useful, and smart to work with! Easy To Operate by touch, mouse or keyboard. DiaMet Enterprise options lets you Scan, Stitch and edge detect your sample to find exact location where you can drop in pre-configured testing templates (“specimen”) to speed up your operation.

Wilson VH3100/3300 Vickers/Knoop Hardness Tester​

Wilson VH1102/1202 Vickers/Knoop Hardness Tester

Wilson VH1150 Macro Vickers Hardness Tester

Wilson Rockwell 574 Hardness Tester

Wilson Rockwell 2000 Hardness Tester

Wilson BH3000 Brinell Hardness Tester

Wilson UH250 Universal Hardness Tester

Wilson Hardness Test Blocks

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