SUGA, established in 1920, has been specialized in manufacturing Weather Meters, Corrosion Test Instruments and Optical Property Measuring Instruments.

Weather Meters
To predict the deterioration of products and materials by simulating indoor and outdoor conditions of sun light, rain, wind, temperature and humidity in the laboratory, SUGA offers a broad range of weather meters such as using the global standard light sources and advanced super-accelerating ones.

  • Xenon weather meters
  • Sunshine weather meters
  • Metaling Weather Meters

Corrosion Test Instruments
To determine the corrosion resistance of materials and their finishing, SUGA offers various test instruments.

  • Salt Spray Test Instruments
  • Cyclic Corrosion Test Instruments
  • Gas Corrosion Test Instruments

Optical Property Measuring Instruments
To determine the optical property and to show numerical data of colour and texture, SUGA offers various instruments. They are used in a lot of fields such as product management, research and development and so on.

  • Colour Meters
  • Gloss Meters
  • Haze Meters
  • Image Clarity Meter

Weather Meters

Xenon Weather Meter GX75 (7.5kW)
High performance – 7.5kW
Water-Cooled, Xenon. Irradiance and temperature direct control on specimen.
This conforms to ISO, IEC, SAE, ASTM, AATCC, JIS and JASO standards etc.
Super Xenon Weather Meter SX75 (7.5kW)
This is capable of super-accelerated tests with irradiance three times higher than that of solar ultraviolet (180W/m2), and meeting the expectation of today’s high-speed product development.
This conforms to ISO, IEC, SAE, ASTM, AATCC, JIS and JASO standards etc.

Corrosion Test Instruments

Combined Cyclic Corrosion Test Instrument CYP-90
A compact combined cyclic test instrument is capable of either single or combination of salt spray, dry, wet, and open air tests. It is widely used both in Japan and overseas as a standard combined cyclic test instrument which is capable of performing ISO, IEC, JIS and JASO standards etc.
Combined Cyclic Corrosion Test Instrument CCT-2L
Combined cyclic corrosion test instrument, which is capable of automatically performing cyclic tests to reproduce actual use conditions. Variations in the distribution of temperature, humidity, and sprayed salt solution at the specimen plane are minimized and the transition time between test steps can be controlled accurately. All-in-one type test instrument. This conforms to ISO, IEC, SAE, ASTM, JIS and JASO standards etc.

Optical Property Measuring Instruments

Colour Cute CC-i
An all-in-one tristimulus colorimeter. Measures reflectance and transmittance. Equipped with a touch panel screen for easy, convenient operation. This conforms to ISO, ASTM and JIS standards.
Haze Meter HZ-V3
Measures the transparency and haziness of transparent materials such as plastics, glass, liquids, LCD’s, films and encapsulants. This conforms to ISO, ASTM and JIS standards.

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