Raykol is a high-tech company dedicated to design and develop first class lab-automated solution for environmental science, food safety, agriculture, pharmaceutical and forensic research.

Organic Sample Preparation System -Liquid Handling & Automated Homogenizer

Auto Prep 200 Automated Liquid Handling System

  • Design to prepare variety of liquid samples in the laboratory.
  • Automatic Calculation & Intelligent –All calculation of concentration and volume by input of original concentration & required concentration and volume.
  • Fast & Easy Method Setting Choosing solvent → Parameter Setting → Method Setting → Save → Run
  • Transfer, dilution, constant addition, standard calibration curve and multi-component standard preparation.

AH-30 Automated Homogenizer

  • Automatically process up to 32 samples each run.
  • For homogenizing of fruits & vegetables, livestock, meat, eggs, for drugs & pesticides residual analysis.
  • Multiple cleaning step – minimizing the possibility of cross-contamination.
  • Multiple Accessories – Accommodate difference sizes of glassware or centrifuge tubes.
  • Safe – Active exhaust system could discharge the organic solvent through exhaust pipe to fume hood.
  • LED interior lighting and a clear glass door for full view of processing.    

Organic Sample Preparation System -Fotector & ASPE ultra Automated SPE processor

Fotector Automated Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Processor

  • Capable of running 60 or more samples continuously.
  • Multiple system choice of SPE channel – Fotector-02HT, Fotector -04HT, Fotector plus (6-channel), Fotector-08HT.
  • High Reliability and Reproducibility – Unique column plunger seal technology for stable flowrate.
  • Variable sample size rack for sample size of 10 to 50 mL sample, Large volume accessories are available for processing of up to 60 x 1 liter water samples.
  • Auto-wash and programmable flushing to avoid cross contamination.
  • Versatile sample loading mode to for different application. 

ASPE Ultra Automated Solid Phase Extraction

  • ASPE Ultra workstation is designed for the extraction of trace organic compounds in aqueous samples.
  • On-line prefilter function.
  • 8 channel simultaneously.
  • For use with both SPE cartridge and disk.
  • 3-ways for dehydration – Nitrogen purging, Vacuumizing, Nitrogen purging + Vacuumizing.
  • Automated SPE processing and elutes concentration with automated endpoint detection.
  • Application – For extraction of pesticide, herbicides, PCBs, POPs, dioxin & furans drugs residue, toxin and etc. 

Organic Sample Preparation System -MPE & AutoEVA Automated Evaporation System

MPE High-throughput Parallel Evaporator

  • By combining water bath, shaking and with vacuum is ideal evaporation process.
  • High Efficiency – Water bath provide even heating transmission of heat.
  • 16 samples in parallel.
  • Solvent Recover – Utilize condenser tube and PTFE material, up to 99% recovery of Acetonitrile.
  • No Cross Contamination – Fast-change sealing design and heating cover to avoid cross contamination.
  • High Integrated Software – All parameters can be set and saved. Temperature, vacuum, time and etc.

AutoEVA Automated Evaporation System

  • AutoEVA utilizing water bath heating and unique liquid level tracing technique, it provides incomparable speed for evaporation process.
  • Sample capacity – Up to 100
  • Water bath heating & Nitrogen blowing.
  • Visual glass window for viewing the solvent level.
  • Variable sample tube rack for 10 to 200mL.
  • Compatible racks from Fotector SPE processor.

Inorganic Sample Preparation System – Auto GDA & IMD24 Digestor

Auto GDA Automated Graphite Digestion System

  • Designed for acid digestion & acid evaporation method prior to AAS, ICP-OES or ICP-MS analysis.
  • Auto GDA 36 – for up to 36 samples
  • Auto GDA 72 – for up to 72 samples.
  • Digestion caps design to cover sample tubes during digestion, capped & removed automatically.
  • Double peristatic pump + syringe pump – For acids and water dilution after completion of digestion.
  • Equipped with digestion tubes rack and motor lifting system, with automatically lift and shake.

IMD24 Microwave Digestion System

  • IMD24 is a closed vessel system, capable of running 24 vessels, prior to AAS, ICP-OES or ICP-MS analysis.
  • Power source – Impulse microwave field with double magnetron output.
  • Material – 316 stainless thickening chambers lined with Teflon.
  • IR penetrating for temperature measuring.
  • Safe front door design – safety interlock acts as pressure & temperature sensor, automatic shuts down if any critical conditions detected.
  • Loading mode – Front opening with auto-rotating carousel.

Raykol was founded on its ability to manufactured superior sample preparation instrument for organic chemical analysis. Each of the system is optimized to customer’s specific protocol requirements, including labware and chemistry kit, providing unparalleled flexibility, and Raykol is committed in the improvement of the existing products and expanding in sample Preparation equipment range.

CLMO Technology with a team of experience engineer and application chemists is in the position to provide equipment maintenance and help in application & method development, the partnership between Raykol & CLMO Technology will be in the position to help to improve and automate the process of the sample preparation for both Organic and Inorganic analysis.


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