ESPEC chambers create temperature and humidity extremes from the size of desktop to drive-in. We have wide range of standardized chamber with quality construction and innovative designs.

Bench tops Chambers

Reach-ins Chambers

Walk in/ Drive-in Chambers


Temperature (& Humidity) Chambers
Meeting international standards such as IEC, MIL, JIS etc.
Embodies a design concept featuring energy conservation
Available from benchtops type to walk in size

SPH Safety Ovens

Inert Ovens

Class 100 Clean Ovens


Industrial Ovens
Available in Vertical and Horizontal model
Applications from high temperature testing to heat treatment or dying for production lines
Temperature to 200, 300, 500 or 700°C
Oven with Explosion Vent
Anaerobic Oven
Rotating Rack Oven
Class 100 Clean Oven
Vacuum Oven

Climatic Test Chambers

Rapid-Rate Cycling Chambers


Climatic Test Chambers Rapid Rate Thermal Cycle Chambers
Especially developed for long-term storage test A new chamber that sets the industrial standard for thermal cycling
To evaluate the quality preservation characteristics of medical, chemical agent, cosmetics, food or packaging materials Specimen temperature control function maintaining linear specimen temperature change rates
Up to 15°C /min linear specimen temperature ramp rates

Compact Thermal Shock Chambers

Thermal Shock Chambers (2 or 3 zones)

Liquid to Liquid Thermal Shock Chambers
Thermal Shock Chambers
2-zone or 3-zone chamber to meet major International standards for the thermal shock testing
Air to Air or Liquid to Liquid
Achieves 1000 cycles consecutive tests without defrosting (option)
Greatly reduce power consumption with ECO Operation mode
Quick temperature recovery without auxiliary cooling

Highly Accelerated Stress Test Chambers (HAST)

Environmental Stress Chambers
Highly Accelerated Stress Test Chambers (HAST) Environmental Stress Chambers
Multi-mode M system (wet bulb / dry bulb) control humidity Withstand heat loads up to 4500W generated by the specimen
Conforms to EIA / JEDEC Test method A110 & 102C and IEC60068-2-66 standard Features a wider control for temperature and humidity range
Easy to use with Automatic humidity filling and hermetic power-pin system for bias testing Meet stringent testing demands typically for automotive parts and mobile products

Temperature / (Humidity) & Vibration Combined Test Chambers

Solar Panel Test Chambers
Temperature / (Humidity) & Vibration Combined Test Chambers Solar Panel Test Chambers
Reproduces combinations of mechanical stress such as vibration or shocks with environmental stress Chamber to complete certification testing of solar panel modules to IEC or UL standards
Particularly needed for test of aircraft and automotive parts Temperature cycling, humidity freeze and damp heat testing are all possible

Battery Testing Chambers
Battery Testing Chambers
Environmental chambers with safety system to protect from harmful explosions and ensure operator safety.
Common test standards for battery cells or modules:-
UL- 1642 –standard for lithium Batteries
UL- 2054 – Household and Commercial Batteries
IEC 62133 – Safety requirements for portable sealed secondary cells
SAE J2464 – Electric and hybrid Electric Vehicle Rechargeable Energy Storage System

Ion Migration Evaluation System (AMI)

Conductor Resistance Evaluation System (AMR)

Electromigration Evaluation System (AEM-2000)

Capacitor Evaluation System
Evaluation Systems
Ion Migration Evaluation System (AMI)
Conductor Resistance Evaluation System (AMR)
Electromigration Evaluation System (AEM-2000)
Capacitor Evaluation System
TDDB Evaluation System

Monitored Burn-in System

Wafer Burn-in System
Burn-in Test Systems
Monitored Burn-in System allows simple switching from dynamic burn in to monitored burn-in by modifying the software
Wafer Burn in System with high accuracy and reliability

Dust Chambers

Environmental Stress Screening (ESS) Chambers

Altitude Chambers
Specialty Chambers
Environmental Stress Screening (ESS), Dust Chambers, Altitude Chambers, Chamber for testing batteries
Espec North America Test Chambers
Global-N Temperature cycling
Platinum chambers with inner size 1200 L or 1700 L
ENX 112 Compact walk in chamber

PH Series High Temperature Chamber

PV Series Temperature Chamber
Horizontal Type Temperature Chambers (Ovens) Vertical Type Temperature Chambers (Ovens)
  • 4 different sizes having internal volume of 91 litres, 216 litres, 512 litres & 1000 litres are available with temperature ranging from:-
  • (i) (Amb + 20°C) to 200°C
    (ii) (Amb + 20°C) to 300°C
  • 2 models available with internal volumes of 324 litres & 760 litres
  • Temperature range from (Amb + 20°C) to 200°

Silver Series High-Low Temperature (Humidity) Chamber

MINI Series High-Low Temperature (Humidity) Chamber
High Quality & Performance Temperature (Humidity) Chambers Compact High-Low Temperature (Humidity) Chambers
  • Chambers with 3 differing sizes of 200 litres, 400 litres & 1000 litres.
  • Advance programmable controllers with USB port as standard.
  • Available with various temperature and/or humidity ranges.
  • Chambers with 120 litres internal volume
  • 2 models available with following temperature (humidity) ranges :-
  • (i) -30°C to +150°C / 25 to 98% RH

    (ii) -65°C to +150°C

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